Season 3
Episode 12
Hosts:  Bruce Takefman Bruce Takefman Adam Solomon Adam Solomon
Guest:  Ryan Culp Ryan Culp Director of Business Recruitment | BRF Shreveport

For this episode of Research Uncensored, we welcome BRF Shreveport’s own Ryan Culp. Ryan provides insight into his organization’s best practices and how BRF positions itself to successfully support investment in the region. He also talks about his own career trajectory, sharing details about his transition from the private sector, where he previously worked for an outdoor sporting goods manufacturer in Bend, OR, to economic development in Shreveport, Louisiana.

About ResearchFDI:

Our experienced team of economic development and research consultants has generated leads and investment projects for more than 200 economic development organizations. We put our clients in front of corporate decision-makers seeking to expand or relocate their organizations to a new geographic location. We’re focused on helping our clients create important business relationships that will serve to grow awareness of their region, promote its economic strengths and increase direct investment.

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