Season 3
Episode 6
Hosts:  Bruce Takefman Bruce Takefman Amber Hunter Amber Hunter
Guest:  Nathan Ohle Nathan Ohle President & CEO | International Economic Development Council (IEDC)

S3. Ep 06: Research Uncensored. Ft. Nathan Ohle, International Economic Development Council

In this episode, we are joined by Nathan Ohle, the new President & CEO of the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), the largest non-profit membership organization serving economic developers. Nathan is an internationally recognized economic development expert with more than 17 years of experience leading public, private, and nonprofit organizations. Nathan discusses his career and explains his decision to join IEDC as President&CEO. He shares his thoughts on attracting young people to the economic development field and discusses IEDC’s new initiatives to enhance equity and diversity within the profession. 

About ResearchFDI:

Our experienced team of economic development and research consultants has generated leads and investment projects for more than 120 economic development organizations. We put our clients in front of corporate decision-makers seeking to expand or relocate their organizations to a new geographic location. We’re focused on helping our clients create important business relationships that will serve to grow awareness of their region, promote its economic strengths and increase direct investment.

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