Season 2
Episode 4
Hosts:  Bruce Takefman Bruce Takefman Amber Hunter Amber Hunter
Guest:  Shawn Flynn Shawn Flynn The Silicon Valley Podcast |

S2. Ep.04: Research Uncensored. Ft. Shawn Flynn

This week we are lucky enough to be joined by Shawn Flynn, Host of Silicon Valley by The Investor’s Podcast Network.

Shawn has led an impressive career in Silicon Valley working for start-ups, incubators and knows what it takes to make it in the region.

Shawn’s deep network has seen him interview some of the top tech executives. We delve deep into his knowledge and experience to get his take on how economic developers can work alongside incubators, his thoughts on the California business “exodus” and how working from home will impact attracting talent.

 About The Investor’s Podcast Network:

The Investor’s Podcast Network offers an in-depth look into the workings of companies based in Silicon Valley. It delves into up-and-coming startups, established giants and the views of people who are making a mark in the technology scene in Silicon Valley.

About Research FDI:

Our experienced team of economic development and research consultants has generated leads and investment projects for more than 120 economic development organizations. We put our clients in front of corporate decision makers seeking to expand or relocate their organizations to a new geographic location. We’re focused on helping our clients create important business relationships that will serve to grow awareness of their region, promote its economic strengths and increase direct investment.

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