Season 3
Episode 5
Hosts:  Bruce Takefman Bruce Takefman Amber Hunter Amber Hunter
Guest:  Barry Broome Barry Broome President & CEO | Greater Sacramento Economic Council

S3. Ep 05: Research Uncensored. Ft. Barry Broome, Greater Sacramento Economic Council

This episode we are joined with seasoned economic development professional Barry Broome, President & CEO of the Greater Sacramento Economic Council. Barry is responsible for leading community-driven efforts to attract, grow and scale new businesses; develop advanced industries and guide new job-creation strategies throughout the six-county region. In his role, he has established the first public/private partnership economic development organization led by chief executive officers in California.
Join us this week, as we discuss what it took for Barry to rise to the top of the ED game and how to build successful economic development organizations from the ground up.

About ResearchFDI:

Our experienced team of economic development and research consultants has generated leads and investment projects for more than 120 economic development organizations. We put our clients in front of corporate decision-makers seeking to expand or relocate their organizations to a new geographic location. We’re focused on helping our clients create important business relationships that will serve to grow awareness of their region, promote its economic strengths and increase direct investment.

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