West Midlands Growth Company, UK Case Study in: Representation Services

Project Summary

ResearchFDI has had a long-standing relationship with the West Midlands Growth Company, acting as the regions in-market representatives in the U.S. and Canada since 2019. ResearchFDI provides a local presence in North America for the West Midlands region, promoting the region to companies seeking to expand to the UK and helping to position the West Midlands region as an attractive location for FDI within the UK. Throughout our partnership, ResearchFDI has played a pivotal role in assisting the West Midlands achieve significant results and investment wins. This case study highlights the noteworthy successes and showcases the valuable impact of ResearchFDI’s In-Market Representation services.  

Activities and Results

Investment Wins 

ResearchFDI has been instrumental in securing five investment wins for the West Midlands Region. These successes underscore the immense value of ResearchFDI’s in-market representation services, demonstrating the advantage that a local presence in North America has provided the West Midlands Region in attracting high-value foreign direct investments. 

  1. Fabric Inc: This USA based eCommerce software company announced plans to establish an office in the West Midlands Region in 2021. The establishment of this new office will contribute to the local economy and provide employment opportunities in the IT sector for 40 individuals within the first three years of operations, with the average salary of these jobs being £60,000 per year. 
  2. Morphio.ai: This Canadian MarTech start-up, that was recently acquired by Hawke Media, announced plans in 2021 to establish their first international location in Brimingham. This expansion established 12 new high-tech jobs for individuals in the West Midlands Region.  
  3. Kora: This Toronto-Based Fintech company announced in May 2022, only a few weeks after the initial meeting set by ResearchFDI, that they would be expanding their operations and establishing a location in Birmingham. Kora’s investment in the region will initially create 10 high-quality jobs, further solidifying the West Midlands Region as an attractive destination for global FinTech companies. ​ 
  4. Maxwellian: This Montreal-based medical technology manufacturer announced plans for their project in the West Midlands Region in August 2022. This expansion established employment opportunities for 30 individuals in the medical technology sector. 
  5. Shipbob: This leading global omnifulfillment platform based in Chicago, IL established a new 30,000 sq. ft. facility in the West Midlands Regions in October 2022. The establishment of this facility has created 45 jobs, benefiting the local workforce and the overall economic landscape. 

Active Projects 

Since the partnership in 2019, ResearchFDI in-market representation team has identified 120 prospects and 60 potential projects for the West Midlands Region. In addition to five confirmed investment wins, ResearchFDI has identified three active projects that are awaiting company announcements. These projects have the potential to significantly benefit the job opportunities and economic landscape of the region.   


The ongoing collaboration between ResearchFDI and the West Midlands Growth Company has proven to be instrumental in positioning the West Midlands Region as an attractive hub for foreign direct investments. Through ResearchFDI’s dedicated in-market representation services, the West Midlands Region has achieved remarkable results, securing five significant investment wins that have already begun to make a positive impact on the local economy. ResearchFDI’s ongoing efforts continue to identify a robust pipeline of prospects and potential projects, showcasing the attractiveness of the West Midlands for expansion, job creation, and capital investment. The tangible successes achieved and the promising projects in the pipeline highlight the enduring value of this partnership and the bright prospects for continued growth and prosperity in the West Midlands as this collaboration continues.  

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