We’re Excited to Announce that We’re Rebranding!

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We’re excited to announce that as of June 15th, 2020, Research Consultants International will be known as ResearchFDI. We are also welcoming two more brands to our family, ResearchB2B and FDI365.

ResearchFDI will serve as the dedicated attraction unit built around services to help recruit and retain companies for economic developers within their target sectors. Services range from strategy, database development, lead generation, appointment setting, training, and virtual lead generation.

ResearchB2B will be our dedicated sales development division providing B2B sales leads to our private sector clients. Our focus is to help small and medium-sized (SME’s) enterprises diversify their sales channels and provide new sales opportunities.

FDI365 will remain our dedicated business intelligence platform designed to identify fast-growing companies and provide unique insights, and tailored actionable information to our public sector clients.

This rebranding is part of our growth strategy targeted to emphasize the strength of our core capabilities, our growth in the private sector, and our commitment to helping our clients identify better investment attraction and sales development opportunities.

After some in-depth research, market analysis, and speaking with our clients, we felt that splitting Research Consultants International FDI, Inc. into 3 distinct yet integrated brands will enable us to expand upon our services, accomplish local and global growth objectives, as well as foster and develop new client relationships. This puts us in the position to be more competitive and offer more capabilities to our public and private sector clients.

What this means for our existing clients and partners is that it is business as usual but with enhanced capabilities at your disposal. We will of course continue to execute projects, with the same rigor, brilliance, and professionalism you have come to experience. You will start to see changes to our brand identity, website, and social media profiles in the coming days. To see monthly updates, and stay informed, please subscribe to our newsletter.

As we start this process, we would like to take some time and thank our loyal clients and associates. Without you, this would not be possible, and we look forward to a successful 2020 with all of you.

Thanks again!

Bruce Takefman
President & CEO


About ResearchFDI

Based in Montreal, ResearchFDI is a specialized market research firm that provides customized lead generation and business intelligence services for economic development organizations and regional promotion agencies, intended to identify and capture FDI and direct investment opportunities. We position Economic Developers in front of corporate decision-makers that are seeking to expand or relocate their businesses to new geographic locations. We are focused on helping our clients create important business relationships that will serve to grow awareness of their region, promote its economic strengths and attract direct investment.

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