Vicki Bristow Ferguson Earns Distinction as Ontario East’s Top Economic Development Officer, Sponsored by ResearchFDI

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In a stunning display of professional excellence and commitment, Vicki Bristow Ferguson, Business Development Officer at Quinte Economic Development Commission, has been awarded Ontario East’s Economic Development Officer of the Year. The announcement was made at the Ontario East Municipal Conference (OEMC) held at the Ottawa Conference and Event Centre and represents a landmark achievement in economic development.

Vicki Bristow Ferguson holding the Ontario East's Economic Development Officer of the Year Award

The eminent award is presented by ResearchFDI, Canada’s foremost investment attraction agency, helmed by Bruce Takefman, who also had the honour of serving on the selection committee for the award. “Vicki Bristow Ferguson embodies the essence of what we aim to foster – growth, excellence, and dedication. Her remarkable achievement is a testament to her unwavering commitment and outstanding excellence. Congratulations, Vicki! Your unwavering dedication is an inspiration for economic development professionals across the country” stated Takefman. 

Ferguson’s notable achievements have been a cornerstone of her career in the field, and crucial to the prosperity of her community. Her role in orchestrating the site selection for a behemoth 1.1 million square foot Amazon Distribution Centre in Belleville has been in the awards team’s spotlight. This centre is expected to commence operations this fall. 

Ferguson’s achievements also extend to co-leading the Ontario Food Cluster, a province-wide group of economic development organisations committed to drawing foreign direct investment for the food processing sector. Moreover, her marketing prowess plays an invaluable role in the successful execution of the ‘Proudly Made In Quinte’ campaigns that celebrate local manufacturing endeavours.

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By |2023-09-22T12:04:51-04:00September 22nd, 2023|Announcements, Press Release|
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