ResearchFDI’s Strategy & Consulting Division Continues Expansion into 2021

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ResearchFDI, a premier market research firm specializing in investment attraction services for economic developers worldwide, eyes further expansion in 2021 in our Strategy & Consulting division that currently serves North America, Europe, and South American clients. This expected growth is to be led by the newly appointed, Senior Director of Economic Development & Analysis, Dr. Andre Schlueter.

Dr. Schlueter’s career includes over 10 years in management consulting and risk management, most recently at Accenture, a multinational Fortune Global 500 services company. Schlueter began his career in Germany as a risk manager in the asset management sector. Later, he worked as a consultant responsible for developing and implementing change initiatives around the world to identify risk mitigation strategies and plans for business expansion.

ResearchFDI’s Strategy & Consulting Division is aimed at assisting economic development agencies with investment attraction messaging, economic development planning, competitiveness studies, and the best practices to showcase a region’s location attractiveness. ResearchFDI’s 10-year experience in lead generation and in-market representation gives our consulting team a hands-on ability to tackle any strategy work adding real value and providing clients with new insights beyond those provided by traditional management and strategy consulting.

Examples of strategy and consulting work the ResearchFDI team has produced for our roster of global clients include — but are not limited to — the following:

  • Developing an Investment Offer: Our team is experienced in providing regions with a snapshot of their assets to build a tailored investment offer. The team will begin by completing a SWOT analysis so that we can gain a thorough understanding of the region’s advantages, weaknesses, strengths, and threats in order to properly position the region to potential inward investment targets.
  • Market Plans: A Marketing Plan ensures that the region is ready to embark on a lead generation campaign and that it has the tools necessary to make the promotion effective and efficient. It includes a regional assessment, sector assessment, and collateral and website development audit.
  • Benchmarking studies: Benchmarking Reports enable you to compare your region to other areas to develop a strategic offer to potential investors. By thoroughly understanding your competition, you can position your region to win more projects.
  • Company Research Reports: Our research process for the creation of customized research reports involves the utilization of our propriety company database, as well as customized, hands-on research, which helps us to dig deeper into the company and provide recommendations to the client on the best ways to approach them regarding potential expansion plans to our client’s region.
  • Custom Database Development: Our team can prepare a customized database based on your specific requirements in order to identify the top companies that match a particular sector profile and other criteria as determined. The information can be provided either in our FDI365 business intelligence platform, via an interactive excel sheet, or in PDF. Full profiles of each of the companies including a selection rationale will be included in the database.
  • Reshoring Competitiveness Study: ResearchFDI will benchmark your region to the leading Asian LCCs in offshore manufacturing services worldwide such as China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand. The study will highlight your region’s location attractiveness, focusing on determining where you compete in regards to; key regional attributes, key industries and sectors, and uncovering the ability to produce specific products.
  • Formulation of economic development strategies: 3-5 Year Strategy plans for a region or locality, taking account of employment creation, enterprise development, higher education and innovation, perhaps in tandem with another regional/local authority or with a private sector partner, such as a chamber of commerce.

If your organization is interested in learning more about our services, methodology and experience, reach out to to schedule an introductory call and receive our 2021 Strategy & Consulting Service Offering.

About ResearchFDI:
Based in Montreal, Quebec, ResearchFDI is a specialized market research firm that provides customized lead generation and business intelligence services for economic development organizations and regional promotion agencies, intended to identify and capture FDI and direct investment opportunities. We position Economic Developers and Investment Attraction professionals in front of corporate decision-makers that are seeking to expand or relocate their businesses to new geographic locations. We are focused on helping our clients create important business relationships that will serve to grow awareness of their region, promote its economic strengths and attract direct investment.

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