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What are Lead Generation Services for Investment Attraction

What are Lead Generation Services for Investment Attraction?

Our Lead Generation Services are designed to tackle the challenges faced by economic developers and investment attraction professionals. We understand the struggle of attracting new FDI and direct investments to your region through traditional means. That’s why our comprehensive approach handles the full lead generation process, including strategic targeting, list building, efficient prospecting, and appointment setting, driving economic growth and unveiling your community’s untapped potential to investors.

What are Lead Generation Services for Investment Attraction
Benefits and Value of Lead Generation Services

Benefits and Value of Lead Generation Services

With our Lead Generation Services, your organization will benefit from a range of competitive advantages that will set you apart from competing regions:

  • Attract High-Quality Investments: Our targeted and data-driven approach ensures that you connect with leads genuinely interested in investing in your region, increasing the likelihood of successful investments and partnerships.
  • Regional Growth: By attracting new businesses and investments, your region will experience economic growth, resulting in job creation, infrastructure development, and overall community well-being.
  • Cost-Effective: By streamlining your lead generation process and eliminating inefficient methods, our services offer a cost-effective solution to attracting investments and driving economic growth.
  • Efficiency: Our data-driven approach allows us to eliminate outdated and inefficient lead generation methods, saving you time and resources.
  • Customization: We tailor our strategies to your organization’s specific needs and goals, ensuring a personalized and effective lead generation experience.
  • Scalability: Our services are designed to grow with your organization, adapting to changing market conditions and evolving investment goals.
  • Performance Tracking: We provide regular reports and analytics that allow you to monitor campaign performance and make data-driven decisions to optimize results.
How Our Solutions Work

How Our Solutions Work

Our services focus on providing you with high-quality leads genuinely interested in investing in your region, driving economic growth, and unlocking your community’s full potential.

  • Boost Economic Growth: We identify and qualify FDI and direct investment opportunities to fuel your region’s growth.
  • Maximize Trade Show Presence: Boost your trade show results by scheduling face-to-face meetings with executives looking to expand their companies into new territories.
  • Strategic Economic Development Missions: We recommend and plan business recruitment missions to regions with synergies aligned to your area’s economic strengths.
  • Continuous Lead Generation: We schedule meetings on a one-off, monthly, or yearly basis to ensure a steady pipeline of leads for your organization.
  • Global Reach, Lower Costs: We arrange phone or online meetings to accommodate a worldwide presence without high travel expenses.
  • Targeted Meeting Programs: We can focus on specific industries, anchor companies, or supply chains for a tailored approach.
  • Annual Meeting Planning: Align your organization’s goals and objectives with targeted events, regions, and conferences.
  • Qualified Investment Leads: We provide a pipeline of carefully vetted investment opportunities.
How Our Solutions Work

To learn more about our comprehensive services and how we can help you achieve your investment attraction goals, contact our team of experts today.

What our clients say

Tommy Kurtz -Corpus Christi (CCRED)

Tommy Kurtz

Corpus Christi (CCRED)

The right decision

As we approach one full year of working with ResearchFDI, we are confident at having made the right decision to utilize their expertise to enhance our investment attraction strategy. ResearchFDI team has delivered high-value meetings with corporate executives looking to locate operations in the Gulf Coast of Texas.

Catharine Gerhard - Waterloo EDC

Catharine Gerhard

Waterloo EDC

A real partner

ResearchFDI has been a real pleasure to work with in generating FDI meetings for our missions in the NYC and Boston areas. They are 100% reliable, effective and a real partner. As a result of this relationship, we landed two FDI wins from NYC resulting in 50 jobs.

Matt McQuade – One Columbus

Matt McQuade

One Columbus

Highly recommend

ResearchFDI has performed exceptionally well for economic development lead generation. We have used the firm for both appointment setting at tradeshows and international market visits. Bruce and his team listen closely to our objectives for each individual activity and deliver against our unique needs. We highly recommend them.


Lead generation refers to the process of identifying potential investors and contacting them directly in order to create awareness of the region or country as an investment location and generate interest. A lead is a potential investor that has expressed genuine interest in the location and is to be further contacted and engaged by the IPA or EDO with the goal of turning the initial interest into an actual investment.

ResearchFDI’s lead generation services are best suited for Economic Development and Investment Attraction organizations interested in connecting with corporate decision-makers seeking to expand or relocate their business to new geographic locations.

ResearchFDI’s targeted lead generation campaigns have proven to be a very effective approach to developing personal relationships with potential investors in anticipation of future investments. While lead generation is considered more cost-effective than broad-based marketing activities, it is time-consuming and requires dedicated resources.

Foreign Direct Investment is an important foundation to economic development, resulting in greater employment opportunities, infrastructure development, and regional economic vitality. In the long run, one of the most important benefits FDI can bring is not through quantifiable metrics such as jobs and taxes, but through the “spillover” of technology and knowledge to local firms and workers.

Companies invest in new markets for a variety of reasons. Expanding businesses prefer to regionally diversify their operations to take advantage of regional benefits, utilize local resources, and expand their market and client base. Other motives may include investment diversification or relocation. FDI lead generation is one of the best methods to connect with expanding businesses.

Investment attraction is based on the appeal of various features surrounding the region. Depending on the industry and preferences of the investor, some factors are more appealing than others. Attractive features include available labor force, tax incentives, natural resources, transportation options, the existence of industry support services, and demographics. To fully benefit from the factors that influence regional attraction, economic development lead generation efforts must be tailored to target those investors whose objectives are aligned with the appealing aspects up for offer. Investment attraction assistance from a lead generation consultant may be appropriate in order to identify strong investment attraction characteristics or to establish an effective target market.

Economic development lead generation consists of identifying and qualifying growing businesses as potential investors for your region. By establishing key contacts with the most promising global companies, ResearchFDI provides unparalleled investment lead generation services to economic development organizations of all sizes.

FDI inflows are investments that are directed into the area from foreign companies. In contrast, FDI outflows are investments from local entities directed into foreign territory. As an economic development agency, directing FDI inflows should be the goal of every economic development organization.

Lead generation services for investment attraction are specialized services that help economic development organizations (EDO’s) and investment promotion agencies (IPA’s) connect with potential investors interested in expanding or relocating their business to a new location.
Lead generation services for investment attraction use a variety of strategies to identify and target potential investors. These strategies can include market research and analysis to identify expanding companies and their investment preferences, email and social media marketing campaigns to reach out to potential investors and promote investment opportunities, targeted advertising to increase awareness of investment opportunities, and cold outreach and prospecting campaigns.
Yes, there are different types of lead generation services for investment attraction. Some services may focus on a specific niche or industry, while others may offer more comprehensive services that cover a broader range of investment opportunities. Additionally, some services may specialize in certain regions or countries, while others may have a more global focus.
When choosing a lead generation provider for investment attraction, it is important to consider your specific needs and goals. Consider factors such as the size and scope of your project, your target audience and investment preferences, your budget and timeline, and the expertise and experience of the service provider. Look for a provider that has a proven track record of success in attracting investments in your industry or region, and that offers comprehensive services that align with your needs and goals.

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