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What are Business Intelligence Solutions

What are Business Intelligence Solutions?

  • Our Business Intelligence Solutions are designed to help economic development and investment attraction professionals identify and target companies that are most likely to invest in their regions. 

  • Our solutions combine advanced targeting and database development techniques to provide economic development organizations with the information they need to take the lead on outreach and investment attraction activities.

What are Business Intelligence Solutions
Benefits and Value of Our Business Intelligence Solutions

Benefits and Value of Our Business Intelligence Solutions

  • Target relevant companies to invest in your region
  • Access a comprehensive and up-to-date database of potential investors
  • Gain entry to a database of top-tier executives and decision-makers including their contact information
  • Improve your decision-making with actionable insights
  • Optimize your in-house resources with a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to traditional research methods
How Our Solutions Work

How Our Solutions Work

Our solutions are designed to provide economic development organizations with a comprehensive database of companies that meet their investment criteria. The database includes direct company decision-maker contact information, size & revenue, existing locations, and a detailed analysis of company growth indicators. Our solutions also include a qualitative analysis of all identified companies to ensure a relevant & direct fit with a client’s target criteria for investment promotion.

How Our Solutions Work

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What our clients say


Craig Price

Jobs Ohio

A game-changer

ResearchFDI's business intelligence solutions have been a game-changer for our economic development efforts. ResearchFDI is the top source for economic development prospect data in the market. Their FDI365 business intelligence software customizes prospect research to your market’s specific assets. The information provided has been incredibly helpful in making informed decisions and creating effective investment promotion strategies. In addition, the time-saving benefits have been significant, freeing up our team to focus on other critical tasks. We have seen a significant increase in investment activity in our community thanks to ResearchFDI's expertise and support.


Jeanine Jerkovic

City of Surprise, AZ

Instrumental in our success

ResearchFDI's investor targeting, and database development services were instrumental in the success of our recruitment mission to California. The customized database provided by ResearchFDI allowed us to target specific industries and companies that were interested in investing in our region. The team was responsive and provided valuable support, helping us make valuable connections. I highly recommend ResearchFDI's services for any economic development or investment promotion agency.


Charles Sexton

One East Kentucky

An essential partner

ResearchFDI's business intelligence solutions have revolutionized our approach to investment attraction. The ability to target relevant companies has allowed us to focus our efforts and resources on the most promising investment opportunities. The comprehensive database of potential investors has been invaluable in identifying and engaging with key decision-makers. ResearchFDI has become an essential partner in our economic development efforts.


Business Intelligence refers to the use of data analytics and other technologies to extract insights from large amounts of data. For economic development, BI can help identify trends, opportunities, and challenges, and inform decision-making.
Business intelligence (BI) can help economic development and investment promotion agencies identify industries and regions that are ripe for growth, and provide insights into the needs and preferences of businesses looking to expand or relocate.
Database-development or list-building services help economic development agencies create and maintain lists of potential investors and businesses that may be interested in investing in their region.
List-building services can help agencies identify and target potential investors more effectively, and provide valuable insights into investor demographics and preferences.
The type of information included in the databases varies depending on the goal of the organization but it typically includes information such as contact details (title, phone, email, social media profile) industry and sector information and investment history.
Yes, our list-building services offer global data and can help agencies identify potential investors from around the world.
EDO’s and IPA’s can use lists to create targeted marketing campaigns and outreach efforts, and to provide personalized information and support to potential investors.

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