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Research Consultants International is looking for extraordinary people to join our industry-leading team that keeps defining the future of lead generation

An inspirational and fun working environment, an innovation-driven, fast-growing company, ambitious projects and an incredibly talented team are just a few reasons why you will love it here.

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Lead Generation and Qualification Manager

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Offered Salary: 2500 CAD

Experience: None

Qualification: Highschool

Industry: Logistics

Position Type: Part Time

Career Level: Beginner

B2B Trade Development Manager

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Offered Salary: 5200 CAD

Experience: 7 years

Qualification: Any type of Degree

Industry: Lead Management

Position Type: Full Time

Career Level: Expert

After Care Support Assistant

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Offered Salary: 12800 CAD

Experience: 10 years

Qualification: Masters Degree

Industry: Investment

Position Type: Full Time

Career Level: Expert

Benchmarking & Strategy Expert

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Offered Salary: 7500 CAD

Experience: 2 years

Qualification: Doctorate Degree

Industry: Management

Position Type: Full Time

Career Level: Junior