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Meeting & Matchmaking
We secure and confirm appointments between investment promotion professionals and their ideal prospects

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Research Consultants International’s Meeting & Matchmaking services aim to put you in front of executive decision makers of growing companies that are considering or planning to expand their operations in your region. By identifying new opportunities with targeted companies and securing time with their key decision-making personnel, your region is able to position itself as a leading contender for new capital investment.

While a good business climate, a strategic location and a comprehensive package of incentives can act as a catalyst for new investment into your region, they are not the only determining factors. A strong relationship is the first and often most crucial part of securing investment wins. Research Consultants International helps initiate these relationships on your behalf by leveraging its C-level contacts, vast internal database and extensive experience researching key industries, regions, trade shows and conferences around the world.

Meeting and Matchmaking Services

Through our Meeting & Matchmaking services, we can:

  • Enhance your planned trade show presence or economic development missions by scheduling face-to-face meetings with executives that are looking to expand their company to a new geographic location, allowing you to make the most of your investment attraction strategy

  • Recommend and plan complete economic development missions to regions chosen based on synergies with your area’s economic strengths
  • Schedule meetings on a one-off basis or on a monthly or yearly timeline to ensure a continuous flow of leads and a full pipeline
  • Schedule phone or online meetings to accommodate for a global presence without the high travel costs
  • Plan meeting programs around targeted industries, anchor companies or supply chains
  • Provide annual meeting planning around targeted events, regions and conferences that match your organization’s goals and objectives

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