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Lead Generation & Qualification
We help you identify fresh FDI opportunities by building a pipeline of new, qualified leads for your community

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Research Consultants International’s lead generation services are performed in a highly rigorous manner, ensuring that the client is given qualified business intelligence and timely leads. Our Lead Generation programs are performed for economic development organizations of all tiers and sizes, and have proven to identify and capture direct investments, grow regional awareness, drive business development, expansion and job creation and ultimately increase the flow of direct investment leads in our clients’ pipelines.

Lead Generation Services

In the fast-paced world of economic development where plans and personnel can change rapidly, we can also help qualify and validate your existing leads and update your internal database with useful information that will help drive future investment.

  • Lead Generation services are intended to provide a pipeline of qualified investment leads
  • Lead Qualification services are intended to survey your own leads, follow up on advertisement promotions and validate existing information

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