Research Uncensored Podcast

Behind the Scenes with Economic Developers

Research Uncensored is a podcast brought to you by ResearchFDI – your trusted investment attraction and business intelligence consulting partners. Join us as we bring you behind the scenes with the top economic developers players. We’re going to find out the real stories behind what it takes to succeed in the economic development industry.

Episode 14

Jacques Rougeau
Jacques Rougeau WWE Legend

Bonus Episode! We’re taking a little vacation from our in-depth interviews with the foremost economic developers this week in order to speak with the WWE legend, Jacques Rougeau Jr. aka The Mountie. Jacques is a… read more »

Episode 13

Joe Melvin
Joe Melvin Director of Business Development  |  North Carolina's Southeast

This week we are joined by Joe Melvin, Director of Business Development for North Carolina’s Southeast who was recently recognized as one of North America’s Top 50 economic developers for 2020 by Consultant Connect for… read more »

Episode 12

Brian McGowan
Brian McGowan CEO  |  Greater Seattle Partners

Join us this week as we chat with a very special guest, Brian McGowan, CEO of the Greater Seattle Partners. Brian boasts a prominent career working in politics and economic development with appointments under then… read more »

Episode 11

Shirar O'Connor-Mugler
Shirar O'Connor-Mugler Vice President Marketing  |  Advance Connecticut

Not many in the field of Economic Development can claim to have experience as vast and as varied as this week’s guest on the Research Uncensored podcast. Shirar O’Connor-Mugler has worked at Economic Development agencies… read more »

Episode 10

Amy Thomson
Amy Thomson Director of International Strategy and Trade  |  South Carolina Department of Commerce

Join us as we chat with Amy Thomson, Director of the International Strategy and Trade division, and responsible for the growth of foreign direct investment and export activity at the South Carolina Department of Commerce.… read more »