Imagine Thomasville, Georgia Case Study in: Lead Generation

Project Summary

Imagine Thomasville, the economic development arm for investment attraction in the rural county of Thomas and the City of Thomasville in Georgia, has been working in partnership with ResearchFDI since 2018. This collaborative effort has focused on hyper-targeting heavy manufacturers at domestic trade shows and investment missions, resulting in significant achievements and positive momentum. This case study presents compelling evidence of the successful endeavors undertaken by Imagine Thomasville.

Activities and Results

  • Development and Maintenance of the Thomasville Targeted Prospect Company List:
    Imagine Thomasville, in collaboration with ResearchFDI, has meticulously curated a comprehensive list of prospective companies, specifically targeting heavy manufacturers. This list serves as an invaluable resource for targeted marketing efforts and investment invitations.
  • Continuous Monitoring of Corporate Announcements:
    ResearchFDI diligently monitors corporate announcements pertaining to company growth in sectors that align with Thomasville’s investment criteria. This proactive approach ensures that Thomasville is always well-informed and positioned to capitalize on investment opportunities.
  • Qualified Lead Generation:
    The concerted efforts of Imagine Thomasville and ResearchFDI have resulted in the scheduling of over 40 qualified leads. These leads represent promising potential investments for the region, exhibiting genuine interest in exploring what Thomasville has to offer.

Our track record speaks volumes about the impact we’ve made on Thomasville’s economic landscape. Here are some of our standout achievements:
1. Active Projects with Site Visits Completed:
Currently, two leads are active projects that have completed site visits, indicating a genuine intent to establish a presence in Thomasville. With announcements pending, these projects have the potential to bring substantial economic growth and job opportunities to the region.

2. Project Wins:
In addition to the ongoing active projects, Imagine Thomasville celebrates two significant project wins that have resulted directly from leads uncovered by ResearchFDI:

Troy Acoustics Corporation: This esteemed manufacturing firm will invest nearly $40 million in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Thomasville, Georgia. The establishment of this facility will contribute to the local economy and provide employment opportunities for 88 individuals.

Ecrimesa: A renowned Spanish-based manufacturing firm, Ecrimesa has chosen Thomasville as its US-based headquarters. With an initial investment of $6 million, this company’s establishment will further solidify Thomasville as an attractive destination for global manufacturers. Ecrimesa’s investment will create 30 high-quality jobs, benefiting both the local workforce and the overall economic landscape.


The collaborative efforts between Imagine Thomasville and ResearchFDI have proven to be instrumental in attracting heavy manufacturers to the region. With a consistently updated prospect company list, astute monitoring of corporate announcements, and a focus on generating qualified leads, Imagine Thomasville has successfully positioned itself as an attractive investment destination. The ongoing active projects and the notable project wins, such as Troy Acoustics Corporation and Ecrimesa, demonstrate the tangible effects of this persuasive investment-focused strategy. As Thomasville continues to thrive as an economic powerhouse, the partnership between Imagine Thomasville and ResearchFDI holds immense potential for future successes and increased prosperity.

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