ResearchFDI Appoints Davor Davidovic as Chief Operating Officer

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Montreal, Canada – ResearchFDI, the leading economic development and investment attraction company, has announced the promotion of Davor Davidovic to the position of Chief Operating Officer. In his new role, Davidovic will be responsible for overseeing the business intelligence, strategy, and marketing divisions.
Davidovic is a seasoned professional with expertise in business strategy and market intelligence. He has been a respected voice in the economic development community for over a decade, thanks to his deep understanding of specific industry issues and his proven track record of delivering results for his clients. With his extensive knowledge of corporate strategy, location intelligence, industry linkages, and market intelligence, Davidovic is well-equipped to take on this new role.

“I am excited to take on this new challenge and to help our company continue to grow and succeed,” says Davidovic. “I look forward to working with our talented team and helping to drive innovation and growth in our organization.”

As Chief Operating Officer, Davidovic will play a critical role in the future success of ResearchFDI. He is committed to driving innovation and delivering exceptional results for his clients, and he looks forward to helping the company achieve its goals.

“We are thrilled to have Davor take on this important role within our organization,” says Bruce Takefman, the company’s CEO. “He has a wealth of experience and expertise, and we are confident that he will help to take our company to new heights.”

Davidovic’s appointment comes at an exciting time for ResearchFDI, as the company continues to expand and innovate in the economic development and investment attraction space. The newly created marketing division will expand ResearchFDI’s service portfolio and will enable the company to provide clients with value-added services. Meanwhile, the existing lead generation, business intelligence and strategy divisions will continue to provide clients with the same high-quality leads, expert analysis, and insights that they have come to expect from the company.
Davidovic is a member of several professional organizations, including the Economic Developers Association of Canada and the Urban Land Institute.

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ResearchFDI is a leading economic development and investment attraction company that helps regions, states, and countries around the world to attract and retain FDI and inward investments. The company provides lead generation, expert analysis, and insights on global investment trends, as well as customized strategic and marketing services to help clients achieve their economic development goals.

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