ResearchFDI is proud to announce the creation of a dedicated business intelligence unit

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[November 26th, 2019]

As part of its continuing investment in top quality market intelligence, ResearchFDI is proud to announce the creation of a dedicated business intelligence unit. The new entity will publish original market insights on a regular basis, with content set to include market analyses, investment trends, best practices, case studies, and more. Headed by Rob Creamer, Executive Director, Research and Planning this new investment represents ResearchFDI’s commitment to sharing unique knowledge and expertise developed by its global market intelligence operation with the economic development community at large.

Today, the unit is pleased to present the first in a series of monthly country profiles focusing on global economies. Highlighting country assets and statistics, the profiles will pinpoint market trends and provide insights into the investment atmosphere of the featured country.

The United Kingdom takes the spotlight of today’s inaugural profile. With the precise form of Brexit continuing to inspire considerable debate, the very real possibility exists that the United Kingdom will leave both the European Union and the single market. Recognizing the increased importance of understanding the UK’s assets separate from those of the European Economic Area as a whole, ResearchFDI’s business intelligence unit has created a profile that focuses on understanding the country as an independent entity. The profile targets particularities of the UK economy that may prove key in understanding the likely direction of future foreign direct investment in the country.

ResearchFDI - UK Country Profile

Interested in learning more about how our business intelligence services can assist your organization? Please contact our specialist, Rob Creamer, Executive Director, Research and Planning.

About ResearchFDI’s Business Intelligence Division.
Rob Creamer, Executive Director, Research and Planning is a market research professional who specializes in the creation of in-depth benchmarking, company and FDI reports for clients, as well as database development. During his tenure, Rob has helped pioneer the use of innovative market research approaches and technologies and has worked with a range of esteemed clients spanning North American and European economic development.

Davor Davidovic, Vice President, Corporate Development & Innovation is a business strategy and market intelligence expert who has been working in the economic development industry for over a decade. He brings an extensive knowledge in corporate strategy and real estate, location intelligence, industry linkages, market intelligence, as well as an understanding of specific industry issues.

Benjamin Groot is a research associate currently studying at the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University in Montreal. With experience in data analytics and market research methods, Benjamin brings a fresh perspective to the team.

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